The Start

Hello, friends! Welcome to Good & Grateful. In this space, I pursue my dream to reveal the world’s goodness through a grateful mindset. Sometimes, breaking through the over-disseminated negativity can be disheartening. Other days, it’s a simpler feat. I am a twenty-something-year-old recent college graduate, and given the great unknown that lies before me, there are few things I’m absolutely sure of. One of these things is- and if you’ve met me, you may understand- my natural state of optimism and appreciation. That’s not to say I don’t have bad days, get angry, sad, stressed or hung up on the little things. Because I am human (though a weird one), and I do. But for some uncanny reason, those days are greatly outweighed by days where I am overflowing with happiness, love and gratitude. Looking on the bright side is a lesson I was blessed to learn at an early age and my enlightenment is precisely that: that positive thinking is a decided, developed skill anyone is capable of. With this blog, I hope to give insight on the workings of a grateful mind, reveal the many wondrous remnants in this world and hopefully, illuminate the path for some of you to embrace this lifestyle yourselves. Beyond seizing my passion for kindness and writing, my intent is for Good & Grateful to demonstrate gratitude truly is the key to happiness. There is still plenty of good left in the world- it’s just easier to see with a grateful state of mind.

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