The Great American Road Trip: Part 1

Thank you all for following this road trip and tuning in with the photos and poems on the Good and Grateful Instagram that has been this adventure’s documentation thus far! 

I am currently writing from the wind farms and cotton fields of central Texas. My copilot, H., and I are headed north to Colorado out of the warm sunshine-blessing that was Austin. Between spending time with awesome old and new friends, exploring new cities and the lots of driving connection each of our destination-chapters to the next and past, we’ve hardly had a minute to spare. Alas, on this 14 hour trek through barren lands, I’ve challenged myself to recap this great American cross-country road trip once and for all. 

New York City

This cross country journey from my Rhode Island home to my San Diegan future began as an empowering girls getaway to the flashing advertisements and sky scrapers of the Big Apple. 

Take one college best friend, multiply by two best friends from home, add in noodle-broth bowls, two of the funniest hours of my life at the Comedy Cellar and falling in love with a serendipitous stumble upon a late night jazz jam session at Smalls Jazz Club until 4 a.m., and there you (almost) have it. 

The funniest two hours of my life at the Comedy Cellar!
The Brooklyn Bridge on our second night in the city.

Toss in an illuminated Brooklyn bridge, girls hand-holding group meditation, two woke guy friends who welcomed us to the best housewarming party with goodie bags, and me forcing my bombshell babe squad to Times Square in the pouring rain. Because westward expansion. Ta-ta for now, east coast. 

N.Y.C. rendezvous, check! Next up: the Women’s March on Washington in our country’s very capital. 


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