The Start

Hello, friends! Welcome to Good & Grateful. In this space, I pursue a passion-dream to feel deeply within in order to connect compassionately with others.

Good & Grateful began in 2015 as a platform encouraging grateful living amidst the time of confusion, loneliness and misdirection that is life after college graduation. As my post-graduate life unfolded, leading me on a backpacking adventure throughout South America, a road trip across the United States, and now, to a new home-base in San Diego, Good & Grateful blossomed. It has since evolved as a space of conscientious and kind self-healing, self-expression and appreciative living while encouraging others to do the same.

My vow to you, to myself, and to this space, is to embrace unabashed feeling and uninhibited sharing of this self-healing journey. My dream and my aim is that my work may connect us all as a single, heartfelt humankind. At heart-core, we are all the same here. We may traverse different experiences day-to-day, but we are all on this journey of living and loving. With Good & Grateful, I begin from within: I am living my truth through writing and expression, and I look forward to witnessing the path-unfolding of your own. What do you say? Flow gratefully alongside me.



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