Closer to My Dreams

  Day 10 está aquí! While the time is certainly flying by, it seems like we’ve been in blissful exploration for months. What was this life prior full of laundry machines, closets and iced coffee? 

We’re finally getting the hang of this lifestyle where our possessions are rollable and squeezable and transportable on our backs (#trapeziusqueen). We’ve started cooking our own meals, hand washing our clothes and even bargaining with locals for free tent-pitched-night’s sleeps behind hostels and hotels. 

Despite the Western luxuries from another life, I have been reminded in just this week and a half the humbling treasures of traveling. 

I am back to being surrounded by the new, the unfamiliar. I am forced to be alert and present. I am living life wide-eyed, soaking in every new word, custom and person.  


I think that this awareness is what draws humans to travel again and again. It is the complete immersion into a new world that reminds us how minuscule our personal problems and lives are in the grander scheme. It is the feeling of ego-deflation, the resetting of perspective and the stripped-down rawness of self, eyes wide and arms open, ready to embrace modestly and gratefully all that the world has to offer. 

This presence, awareness and alertness is what I was craving when I last mentioned feeling stuck; the feeling right before the acceleration. I’m starting to figure that people can only stay comfortably “stuck” for so long, lest the fear of change keep them from breaking habit. Perhaps it is different for everyone- once I started to feel that stagnation, I knew my truth was calling me to something more. 

There is no fearlessness without having fears; the courage comes in facing them. 

When I answered my truth’s calling, magical things happened. Not only did I have the courage to face my fears, I had the drive to go out searching for them myself. It was this newfound understanding of my capabilities and my strength that guided me. I wrote in my journal, “I’m feeling so fearless these days; so fully grasping my life by the horns and just living the way I want to live!” 

With that exciting, fulfilling understanding and appreciation about making my life my very own in all the ways I wanted to, I found the power to face down these fears. I found the key to fearlessness (“they don’t want you to live”🔑🔑🔑). I followed my truth and my calling and I dove right in. And I learned there is no fear of death or failure, so long as you’re living your life the way that you love to live it. There is nothing to regret, no “should have, would have, could have” and no unfinished business. 

Because you know that you listened, self-reflected, sought out and tried. You challenged yourself to be the best you, and only you, could be. And with the fulfillment of doing what you love for your truth and purpose comes no greater reward and unlimited possibilities. 

I am diving, head first into this passionate, truthful life of mine. I’m not stopping, giving in, and I’m never turning back. 

  For those of you who can’t decipher the typically my-eyes-only chicken scratch, it reads: “I jumped off the bridge. Who do I think I am! Who is this girl, fearless in her evolution and plight in discovering and striving toward and grasping her truth, smiling all the while?”

It is me. And it has always been me. Just how it is you, and has always been you. 


  The Puente San Francisco in Baños, Ecuador- 100 meters high.

For those of you who read this post thinking the truth and presence vernacular was more looney than transparent, I would love to share and reference two life-changing books that helped me understand: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. Happy reading, and happy living. 🙂

Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb 9th-15th)

And just like that this week gets even more LOVELIER! Go get your Random Acts of Kindness On, my valentines!

May 13th

This week (February 9th-15th) is Random Acts of Kindness Week.

You can check out the official website here and find out what this week is all about and find ways be kind throughout the week.

This week is all about going out of your way to do something kind for others. It’s not always about the recognition or the praise – it’s more about the way it feels to be kind to others. It makes you feel good inside and it brings joy to your heart.

Here are 5 of my favorite ideas:

  1. Pay for someone in line behind you. You can do this at a coffee shop or a drive through and it’s a nice surprise for someone you don’t even know. It doesn’t even have to be much – if you’re at a coffee shop, maybe $3-4 should be enough to cover someone’s order and make their day.

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The Start

Hello, friends! Welcome to Good & Grateful. In this space, I pursue my dream to reveal the world’s goodness through a grateful mindset. Sometimes, breaking through the over-disseminated negativity can be disheartening. Other days, it’s a simpler feat. I am a twenty-something-year-old recent college graduate, and given the great unknown that lies before me, there are few things I’m absolutely sure of. One of these things is- and if you’ve met me, you may understand- my natural state of optimism and appreciation. That’s not to say I don’t have bad days, get angry, sad, stressed or hung up on the little things. Because I am human (though a weird one), and I do. But for some uncanny reason, those days are greatly outweighed by days where I am overflowing with happiness, love and gratitude. Looking on the bright side is a lesson I was blessed to learn at an early age and my enlightenment is precisely that: that positive thinking is a decided, developed skill anyone is capable of. With this blog, I hope to give insight on the workings of a grateful mind, reveal the many wondrous remnants in this world and hopefully, illuminate the path for some of you to embrace this lifestyle yourselves. Beyond seizing my passion for kindness and writing, my intent is for Good & Grateful to demonstrate gratitude truly is the key to happiness. There is still plenty of good left in the world- it’s just easier to see with a grateful state of mind.

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